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Doug Miller

Author of Cherry Farcical, A Ridiculously Unrealistic Attempt at Resurrecting American Literary Humor; Girl Scouts, a novel; Secret Shorts, Short Stories and Collected Humor; and Jack Pipe, Plumber and Personal Counselor.

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Rod Serling Fiction award winner

Books by Miller



Girl Scouts


Surrounded by campers and counselors,

two teenage handymen settle into the

summer heat of a 1966 lake-front Girl Scout retreat, not altogether certain how they'll manage to stay afloat in a sea of double-x chromosomes. But high jinks and infatuation slowly succumb to mystery as the shadow of dark human psychology begins to invade their wooded enclave, forever changing the way they understand themselves and the

people they learn to love.

From sinister symphonic goings-on

to a sci-fi wire service and voodoo

socks, Secret Shorts opens the

drawer to a collection of clever and

light-hearted short stories, essays

and published articles. Includes

the Rod Serling Short Story Award

winner V043D.



Secret Shorts




Cherry Farcical


A collection of short, witty literary pieces, usually based on factual instances reported by news organizations. Many of the essays are illustrated with line drawings created by graphic artist Steve Hussey.

Short, humorous essays in the

form of fictitious submissions

to an advice column written by

a well-read but street-savvy




Jack Pipe, Plumber and Personal Counselor


“Side-splitting. Miller’s imaginative collection is constantly captivating.  Cherry Farcical is uproariously funny from beginning to end.”

Manhattan Book Review

A collection of tongue-in-cheek essays based on strange news segments that range

        from the ridiculous to the, uh, ridiculous-er. Amusing,               engaging … punctuated with a mix of puns, facts and a whole bunch of malarkey.”

San Francisco Book Review


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